Bryne on Jæren
Jæren is one of the largest
farming area in Norway

Bryne is a town in Time municipality in Rogaland. Bryne is located about 25 minutes by train south of Stavanger, which is the fourth largest city in Norway.
SANDNES downtown
Sandnes city center is around 15 km from Stavanger. The railway from Stavanger to Oslo, called, Sørlandsbanen is 598.7 kilometers.

STAVANGER downtown
Stavanger city center is the region's hub for shopping and good experiences. Here you will find a unique variety of shops, cafes, nightlife, restaurants and cultural attractions.
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Welcome to Norway and Jæren

These pictures are taken from one of Jæren's highest point, called Tinghaug. This small mountain is at 102 metres (335 ft) above sea level.

Tinghaug is about a mil north of the town, Bryne. The road up to Tinghaug from Bryne is called, Tubakken. It is one of the steepest hill on Jæren, and is used in bicycle race.

Jæren is on the west coast south in Norway. The weather in this part of Norway is often warmer in winter and cooler in summer time, than the inland of Norway. The reason is that we have the North Sea on our doorstep.
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